Re: FTP Client Help

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 1997 23:48:20 +0200

Squid is a HTTP proxy, with gateway support to FTP and GOPHER servers.
All clients have to speak HTTP.

Generally HTTP is only supported by browsers, but I have heard rumors
that some FTP clients have HTTP implemented as well (to make them useful
behind a HTTP proxy like Squid)?

So, yes, Squid can do what you want, provided that you use a HTTP client
to fetch the FTP objects. Standard FTP clients speak native FTP and
can't be used to fetch things thougth a HTTP proxy by obvious reasons.

Henrik Nordström
Peter Christy wrote:
> We have, however, totally failed to make it work for the benefit of FTP
> So -- will SQUID do what we want? We've tried the obvious FTP client
> suspects (e.g. Fetch and Anarchie on the Mac) and neither works so far
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