Re: FTP Client Help

From: Cefiar <>
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 1997 16:40:30 +1000

At 11:20 AM 9/26/97 -0700, Peter Christy wrote:

>We're running SQUID and generally very happy with it for browser cacheing.

>So -- will SQUID do what we want? We've tried the obvious FTP client
>suspects (e.g. Fetch and Anarchie on the Mac) and neither works so far
>(show that they request connection but it doesn't ever happen). Is there
>anything unobious about the SQUID setup to accomplish our goals?

For Windows, check out Bullet Proof FTP. You can get it from It's for Win95/NT only though, so this may not suit
your application.

This also supports firewall implementations of Passive, user@host,
user@host with login, and HTTP Style (eg: Proxy caches). There's more
options too, but I'll let you see for yourself.

Overall, I personally think it's a brilliant little FTP program.

The other way of course, is somehow to make FTP file fetches source from
squid, or fetch using HTTP style ftp://'s from squid.

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