Re: PROXY_AUTH Problem

From: Deeran Peethamparam <>
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 1997 09:08:20 +0800 (SGT)

brownt wrote:
> I thought Arjan de Vet patches were integrated into the source by now. Is
> this not the case? And if not does anyone have the patches to 1.1.16 for the
> proxy_auth code?

The proxy_auth acl patches are not in the 1.1.16 code as yet. I think
they will be in the next version though.

I _have_ managed to fold the patch into 1.1.16, but it's not heavily
tested as yet over here (only about 30 or so users, on a teeny little
Linux box).

If anyone wants the patch let me know and I'll mail it to you. I have
no idea what it does though, so I can't support it and I'm sure Arjan
can't do so either.

I know I should really contact Arjan de Vet and let him have the patch,
but hey, I only have so much free time in my day -- something called
"work" keeps getting in the way. :-)


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