Filesys problems..

From: Robert Thomas <>
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 1997 22:22:39 +1000

Not -really- the right place to ask, but, this is probably the best place
to find people with large configs like mine..

System: P200, 256M, 14Gig Raid-0. TX Motherboard. 60ns RAM.

My cache filesystem keeps corrupting itself. I'm running Linux 2.0.31,
(upgraded today, after hearing about ext2fs bugs that had been fixed in
it..) and for no apparent reason, it's corrupting stuff. After a controlled
shutdown, (altho it wouldn't let me unmount it, even tho fuser said
nothing was using it) I ended up with 20 odd directories that had become
corrupted, and over 200 files in lost+found. I've replaced the ram, which
I would have thought could have been causing it.. Does anyone have any
good reason to suspect the cache or the motherboard? I think the main
is 'Is anyone else having these problems?' -- The machine is getting hit
reasonably hard, about 20k requests/hour at peak, probably 200k/day. Is
it linux, or is it 'something else'? 8-)

I wanna get an Enterprise 3k, but my accountant won't let me 8-)

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