Re: Domain Name Completion?

From: Plamen Nikolaev <>
Date: 20 Oct 1997 20:42:44 -0000

This was broken somewhere in the Netscape 4.0x betas. They fixed it
(at least for Linux). 4.03 looks up apple, then, if not found, and fetches it through the proxy.

>>>>> "Oskar" == Oskar Pearson <> writes:

    Oskar> Hi
>> Before using squid, our customers could type an URL like this
>> apple to be completed to
>> I could configure "append_domain .com" so the input "apple" was
>> completed to "". But this requires that every company
>> configures the dns-entry of "" being a cname to
>> "".
>> Is there any solution available?
    Oskar> This is actually a netscape problem... the whole idea is a
    Oskar> silly one actually.... people should know to type in
    Oskar> ''.

    Oskar> When you turn on the proxy, netscape disables this feature,
    Oskar> and issues a request to the cache to get 'http://apple/'
    Oskar> instead of issuing a request to get ''
    Oskar> (it's default behavior).

    Oskar> You could use address-rewriting to say (you are going to
    Oskar> have to modify this to look like the example in the docs):

    Oskar> while (<>){ if (/\./){ print; } else { chop; print
    Oskar> "www.$\n"; } } --
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