Problems with NT proxy server

From: Horacio Diaz Requejo <>
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 97 10:38:37 CST


  I'm trying to configure my squid server (1.1.16) to gain access to my ISP's
  servers. One of them has squid server and works very Nice, but the other one
  ISP recently put a Microsoft Proxy Server, and I would like to use
  this server but only for backup purposes.

  This is my diagram rigth now:

     To Internet To Internet
         ^ ^
         | |
    +----------+ +----------+ +-------------+
    | MS Proxy |--------| My squid |----------| My parent |
    | | | server | | squid server|
    +----------+ +----------+ +-------------+

  I made the following changes to my config file, but many seconds later, my
  cachemgr.cgi reports me down the microsoft proxy server, and it never came up
  again. The only way to put it on is killing the process in my server, but many
  second later it goes down again. This problems is only with the MSproxy, the
  other one, works great!!!.

This is my squid.conf for this stuff.

cache_host type 3128 3130 weight=100
cache_host type 80 7 weight=10

  Any ideas ??

  Thanks for your help.

  Horacio Diaz
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