Re: Problems with NT proxy server

From: Oskar Pearson <>
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 00:55:34 +0200


> I made the following changes to my config file, but many seconds later, my
> cachemgr.cgi reports me down the microsoft proxy server, and it never came up
> again. The only way to put it on is killing the process in my server, but many
> second later it goes down again. This problems is only with the MSproxy, the
> other one, works great!!!.
> This is my squid.conf for this stuff.
> cache_host type 3128 3130 weight=100
> cache_host type 80 7 weight=10
> Any ideas ??

Try put a 'no-query' after the '' line...
They may have disabled the udp-echo port on their box...

Other possibilty is that you have some kind of packet-filter/firewall?


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