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From: Larmour, Jonathan <>
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 04:06:41 -0000

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This can be done trivially with refresh_pattern. use a pattern like:
refresh_pattern/i \.netscape\.com 0 20% 120

This would mean that all netscape docs would be rechecked after two
hours, and for ones that change frequently, even more often than that
if necessary.

Note that this is _not_ the same as using cache_stoplist which will
prevent caching in all cases. Instead this way, squid at least keeps
a copy so that its modification date can be compared against the
source copy, and if they are the same then it does not need to
refetch it, it can still just be returned from the cache.

However, are you sure this is what you really want? refresh_pattern
is sufficiently powerful that you should get perfectly good results
with e.g.
refresh_pattern ^http:// 30 20% 10080

This means that everything is fresh if its fetched in less than half
an hour - although this could be easily reduced to 0. And otherwise
we decide if its fresh by how long it is since it was last changed.
e.g. for 20% this means that if we fetched a new copy that was
modified 10 days ago, we would call it stale in 2 days time. This way
documents that change more frequently don't get cached for very long,
and those that stay the same get cached up to the maximum - here
10080 minutes, i.e. 1 week.

It isn't very sensible to have a concept of "keeping it for a day" or
whatever. This way is much better.

This is all in the release notes, FAQ, squid.conf _and_ the on-line

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From: A.Saeed
Sent: 24 October 1997 23:16
Subject: updating several sites

Guys We are ISPs and we have made different groups of websites
to their hits.
For example cnn ,netscape , altavista etc are some sites which are
consider to be very popular we want their updating per day perhaps
than a day.
We want updating of another group of sites to be updated on weekly
and etc.?
Updating the sites on group basis. Is it possible by using the
what u people suggest?
Do we use wget ?
or some other valuable suggestion.
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