Re: Java-based chatters

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 97 18:37:19 -0800 writes:

>Now, I see some options:
>1) Copy all their image URL's to a local server, and update the redirect
>script to point to it. Users on modems will still have long load times,
>but the bandwidth choking and expense will be shifted off the main IP
>2) Kick the people who wrote the chat thing until they fix it.
>3) Figure some way to tell squid _not_ to allow the object to be
>refreshed by the client, so long as there is a copy in the cache.

See 'opt_reload_into_ims' for recent versions. There was some
debate on this list about this option a while ago. If you enable
this option it will take out the 'no-cache' and stick in an 'IMS'
if needed, then forward the request on.

Duane W.
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