Low end system requirements.

From: jbessels <j.bessels@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 03 Nov 1997 10:31:17 -0800


I'm currently setting up a squid server for the Bank I'm working for.
I've read on this list examples for high end systems (16 GB, 500 MB RAM
etc), but I think its overkill for my situation:
Direct connection via Firewall to Internet, 64 Kbit connection to our
ISP (128 Kbit in the near future). Our ISP has two Squid servers
installed and connects to other cache servers. I'm using the ISP squid
servers as parents. Number of users who get Internet access will be
initially about 30 and will max. at about 250 users.

I'm thinking of the following system for squid only:
Pentium 166 (our standard desktop PC), Linux, 128 MB and 2.5 GB EIDE GB
disk (2GB for squid cache, 100 MB RAM for squid, rest for Linux and

1) Is this a reasonable configuration, or am I insane.
2) Any predictions about the hitrate I can expect get with this system.
We don't block any sites but I think/hope the web pages visited are
relevant for the Bank. I'm naieve I know.
3) Is a 64/128 Kbit reasonable or is this way to low.
4) Is there a script/util around there which can show me the bandwith
I'm using during a certain period (eg weekdays 8:00-1700)

Hope u guys/galls can help me.
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