Re: Low end system requirements.

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Mon, 03 Nov 1997 20:03:06 +0100

Summary of your situation:
* 250 users in total
* Buissnes related organisation (A bank)
* 64/128kbps connection

Given that the number 250 is the total number of people with access to
internet, I beleive that you can assume that most people will spend most
of their time working, and not using the Internet except as part of
their work... (to be compared with a ISP, where all the buissnes is the

The system you described (P166 Linux, 128MB 2GB cache) sounds quite
reasonable for this kind of location. Especially since you have parents
available to offload some of the work. I don's expect the internet
connection (64/128kbps) to be a bottleneck here.

Henrik Nordström
Received on Mon Nov 03 1997 - 11:12:07 MST

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