Redirecting squid requests through an anti-virus proxy

From: Michael Geiger <>
Date: Mon, 03 Nov 1997 13:21:15 +0100


does anyone know how to configure Squid for redirecting proxy requests through
another local proxy (here: an anti-virus software) without losing Squids'
Actually, I have configured my Squid to use the anti-virus proxy as a default
parent, and the inside_firewall tag prevents Squid from bypassing it.
Unfortunately I can't query multiple neighbor caches now, because the
anti-virus proxy retrieves the document directly.
The anti-virus proxy can be configured to use another proxy, but I don't know
if Squid can handle it.

Someone an idea?


Michael Geiger

Received on Mon Nov 03 1997 - 04:24:57 MST

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