RE: squid -k reconfigure

From: WaiSun Chia <>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 16:48:12 +0800

I'm interested in a CGI which enables the users to change the Squid
auth password at will. Please post the code in the list (if it's not
too long). If so, then just post the URL.

Wai-Sun Chia

From: Armistead, Jason[]
Sent: Monday, November 10, 1997 8:12 AM
To: 'Squid-Users'; 'Squid-Users'
Subject: RE: squid -k reconfigure


My $0.02 observations as follows

>From: Dave Zarzycki[]
>Sent: Saturday, 8 November 1997 5:29
>Subject: Re: squid -k reconfigure
>On 11/7/97 10:08 AM, Francois Renou (
>>I'm running squid v1.116 with the nice proxy_auth patch. So proxying
>>authenticated and I let the users change their passwords whenever
>>want through a cgi.

I would be interested in having a look at your code Francois for
this. I would love to allow users to change PROXY (not login)
at will, but as yet haven't come up with a good bit of CGI. Please
it directly to me, or give me a URL where I can get it.

>For their new password to be taken into account we
>>have to "squid -k reconfigure" (for example through a cron"). My
>>is that when I reconfigure squid all browsers in activity (fetching
>>pages through http) lose the proxy (pop-up no proxy available....)
>>have to be restarted (I mean reload doesn't work neither SHIFT
>>Did I miss something in my squid configuration?
>If you were patient, the changes would take effect automatically.
>checks the password file every five minutes to see if it has been
>updated. No need to reconfigure!
>If that's to slow, go change the code (it's measured in seconds).

So, if we want to change the code, what would be a more "reasonable"
time period, balancing the check versus the overhead of reloads ?
real "catch" is that a user who does change his password can't then
the proxy for sites requiring authentication for at worst case 5
(till squid notices his/her new credentials). Or, does the users
password remain cached by Squid that long, in which case the user has
use their old password for up to 5 more minutes, till squid will then
force a re-authentication to appear ?


Jason Armistead
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