Re: two squid's, two net connections.

From: Dancer <>
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 1997 17:06:11 +1000

I had/have a similar situation. I've got a squid at the machine hub, and we never want it to go
direct, IF it's parent is alive.
If the parent dies/is-unreachable/goes-up-in-flames/is-flung-out-past-the-orbit-of-mars (by some
bizarre gravitic anomaly) we want to go direct _until_ it comes back up.

The best solution I could come up with was a periodic test. I test to see if we can talk to them
(every five minutes).
I maintain two configs (parent.conf and direct.conf). squid.conf is a link to whichever we are
using at the time.
(Additionally, if we are running direct, the file DIRECT exists in /squid/etc)

    If the parent is off AND the file 'DIRECT' does not exist:
        remove the symbolic link. Point it to direct.conf. Create the file 'DIRECT' and then
squid -k reconfigure.
    If the parent is on AND the file 'DIRECT' _does_ exist:
        remove the symbolic link. Point it to parent.conf. Delete the file 'DIRECT' and then
squid -k reconfigure.
        do nothing.

It sucks a bit, because of the latency (up to 5 minutes) until the cron-script notices that the
parent is down (or up) (plus another minute or so for the reconfigure, maybe).

I'd love a nicer solution to's a daft idea:

cache_host none direct 0 0 default no-query ignore-firewall

Would it be so hard to munge this into the peer configging as 'direct, only if ICP fails' (of
course you might be doing single_parent_bypass, as we which case a failed connect to the
parent should fall back to the direct approach)


James McOrmond wrote:

> essentially the story is this.
> I've got two gateway machines, one on each network connection (one slow, one fast).
> I want users connecting to the squid on the slow machine, to have everything forwarded
> to the faster squid, (other than specific local domains) if the faster connection is up.
> If I use the inside_firewall stuff, it never goes direct. If I don't, it queries the other
> squid, but goes direct if it's not there.
> I had "default" on the cache_host line, but that wouldn't go direct either.
> the faster squid, is always marked as parent in the cache_host line of the slower squid.
> I now have "closest-only" with all the icmp stuff turned on (both systems), but it's
> still not doing it.
> Both machines are running Squid 1.1.18. and are connected via ethernet, so that has to
> be the fastest route :-)
> any ideas?
> also, one minor thing. When requesting stuff from the slower squid (when I was using the
> firewall stuff), it would forward the request to the faster squid, and then the faster squid
> would do an extra query back to the slower one. Is there any way to avoid this extra query
> when it's going to the system that did the request?
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