How do I force direction of request.

From: John Hennessy <>
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 12:27:13 +0000

I am needing Squid to request over different paths depending on the
source. I have a high speed link and a lower speed/higher latency link.

 I would like to be able to direct proxy requests across the lower speed link
for clients that come from a predefinded domain or address.
The purpose of this is to offer a better service to clients that are prepared
to pay more. Ultimately once the data is in the cache both groups of clients
will be delivered the same level of service.

I appreciate that having a proxy at the end of each link would be handy for
pointing the requests at but would prefer not to.

 Effectivley what I need is an ACL match that has its request forceably
directed/routed over a low or high speed interface.

Cisco Policy-Based routing comes to mind but the source address of the proxy
remains the same. Can I do something with different request sockets for
different clients without a proxy at the far end to talk to ?
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