From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 22:40:56 +0100

There is much better tools for that.. I usually uses lynx or similar to
fetch various kinds of objects, but there is a couple of good batch FTP
fetchers available if you search a bit.. But ftpget should be quite
trivial to use stand alone (check the available options).

ftpget - server /pub/files/textfile A anonymous nobody@nowhere
ftpget - server /pub/files/binfile I anonymous nobody@nowhere
(ftpget only supports output to STDOUT nowdays)

As a side note: There is no ftpget in Squid 1.2. The FTP protocol is now
merged into the main process like the other protocols.

Benjamin Weissman wrote:
> Hello!
> Sorry, if that question sounds stupid, but how can I use FTPGET manually
> (e.g. to save ftp://server/pub/files/textfile to /home/myhome/textfile
> with username USER and password PASSWORD)?
> Any advice would be helpful.
> Regards,
> Benjamin Weissman
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