Re: Suggestion

From: David Luyer <>
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 1997 14:59:48 -0800

> Having just lost the contents of my cache (well, the swaplog, which
> renders the contents of the cache effectively useless), I got to
> thinking. What if the appropriate line of the swaplog was written with
> each object in the cache? Either prepended as the first line (hardest
> option) or written as a dot-file (.nnnnn contains the swaplog info for
> object nnnnn. A much simpler solution). That way, even if your swaplog
> was completely trashed (as mine was) the cache_dirs would still contain
> enough information for a simple script to rebuild it.

The dot-file - very bad idea. Kills dcache/inopde cache performance and so
on by having twice the number of files per directory.

As for the first line, people have suggested this, especially when using
something like an SHA or MD5 store key - then when the object is opened
on disk the first line acts as a check of the object info, as well as meaning
the cache can be rebuilt from files in a restructuring or in loss of swaplog.

It would probably have a near-zero disk space cost since it would be included
in existing blocks mostly and there's no extra open() or significant extra
disk IO volume associated with it.

As for why it's not implemented - I guess nobody likes the idea enough to
implement it, or people see some problem which I can't see...

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