From: John Taylor <>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 17:04:52 -0800

I'm adding a feature to our ethernet switches that hopefully will
allow for very fast transparent proxies.

Our switches can be configured to direct all HTTP traffic on any port
to a specific machine or group of machines, the squid servers. The
destination MAC address of each HTTP packet is mapped to the MAC
address of one of the squid servers and forwarded to that server. If
all squid servers are down, the packets are forwarded normally.

Using the directions in the FAQ, I enabled the transparent-proxy
feature of squid using:

        httpd_accel virtual 80
        httpd_accel_with_proxy on
        http_port 80


But am having problems with the ip_fil3.2.2 package on Solaris 2.6
(Compiled on 2.5.1). "ipnat -f /sbin/nat.conf" continually tells me:

        open: No such file or directory

/sbin/nat.conf clearly exists. I guess ipnat is trying to open the
wrong kernel device, but won't let me specify the correct one.

I'm unfamiliar with the internals of squid. As opposed to further
pursing my ipnat problems, could the switch also remap the dest IP
address in each HTTP packet to the squid server's IP address? I could
remove ipnat and the ip_fil package from the picture.

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