Re: Providing continuity of service during cache maintenance.

From: Dancer <>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 13:30:29 +1000

What I wouldn't mind seeing is the network layer of Squid decoupled from the
caching layer:

Essentially, by running it in two components, the cache-unit could be switched out,
or do other things (maintenance, cleanup, rebuild) while the network layer was
still passing requests through to parent(s). As a two-process setup
(squid-comms+squid-cache) we'd also wind up with a few extra file-descriptors to
play with, and each unit could be restarted independantly of the other (ease of

IMO, anyways. I don't see any holes in that offhand.


Michael James wrote:

> Could Squid be fitted with a command line flag to run in "dummy" mode;
> continuing to provide a proxy service but without caching?
> We run Squid-1.1.18 on a Solaris 2.6 ultra. Direct access to port 80 off
> campus is blocked.
> Recently we had trouble with cache corruption and boobs were popping out of
> normally staid sites.
> With 7 Gig of cache it took time to flush it and would have taken much
> longer to clean it.
> (I estimate it costs us $100-$200 to loose the data so cleaning is interesting)
> While I was rebuilding the main cache partition I started another squid
> with a config file
> that gave it 20 Meg on another disk.
> It would be easier to have a flag or interrupt to tell squid to run without
> the cache partition.
> Also ./squid -z is a gotcha as it builds the cache directory structure only
> root writeable,
> and we run squid as daemon. This could be fixed by simply including a
> warning in squid.conf
> near the "cache_effective_user" parameter.
> michaelj

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