passwd file?

From: S Prabhakar <>
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 15:47:13 +0530

Hi all,
I have just installed squid 1.1.19 on linux box with the
patch for acl_auth..

1. There seems to be a provision by which u can create
a password file containing "user:password" and
this password file name should be given to a group
for them to access with the password...but
this doesnt seem to work for me..

2. Secondly there is a note saying the password must be
     in a standard crypt() format..can anyone throw some light
     on this? what is this standard crypt() format? how do
     i get this format out of a string?

3. I also observered that there is a ftpget program. There is
no clear explanation as to what this program does..

any clarification is appreciated...Thanks in advance.

Prabhakar S
Received on Tue Dec 30 1997 - 02:23:17 MST

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