Re: passwd file?

From: S Prabhakar <>
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 1997 09:28:09 +0530


>> nstalled squid 1.1.19 on linux box with the
>> patch for acl_auth..
>> 1. There seems to be a provision by which u can create
>> a password file containing "user:password" and
>> this password file name should be given to a group
>> for them to access with the password...but
>> this doesnt seem to work for me..
> You can use the htpasswd program which is distributed with apache web
>server. That does the same purpose of creating the required password file.

Thanks i have done this and created a password file. But i am facing another given in the doc i have given

acl password proxy_auth /...../passwd
http_access allow mygroup password
http_access deny all
miss_access allow mygroup password
http_access deny all

But it is not asking for password when people in this group start
accessing it a bug? or i have done anything wrong?

>> 3. I also observered that there is a ftpget program. There is
>> no clear explanation as to what this program does..
> ftpget is used to retrieve the ftp urls.

Does squid support ftp proxy? [not ftp:// , but a ftp port
which can serve as proxy for normal ftp, just like winproxy
supports ftp proxy]

Thanks for the clarification.

Prabhakar S
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