Re: squid-1.NOVM-20 Seg Fault, can't set effective user.

From: Miquel van Smoorenburg <>
Date: 15 Jan 1998 00:28:11 +0100

In article <>,
Henrik Nordstrom <> wrote:
>Mark Rogers wrote:
>> This is a clean RH4.0 set up on an Intel (cyrix) machine with 128MB
>> ram. 9GB hdd. Kernel 2.0.32
>> "FATAL: Can't set effective user " of course in the squid.conf
>> the effective user is proxy/users
>I think this is a RH5.0 and not RH4.0 system? If it is, then you are
>bitten by a nice RH5.0 feature...

FWIW, I maintain the Debian squid package, and 1.1.20 is running on our
main proxy cache with GNU libc 2.0.6 without any problems.

RedHat 5.0 also uses GNU libc, but I don't know what version. It might
be worth it to see if there's an updated libc6 package, install that
and see if it helps.


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