how to limit on-disk /cache/... size in toto

From: George Michaelson <>
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 10:11:12 +1000 (EST)

the FAQ talks about how to limit per-directory size by the function
of <N> filesystems being *cache_swap* / <N>

        4.13 Is it possible to control how big each cache_dir is?

                With Squid-1.1 it is NOT possible. Each cache_dir is
                assumed to be the same size. The cache_swap setting
                defines the size of all cache_dir's taken together. If
                you have N cache_dir's then each one will hold cache_swap
                 N Megabytes.


eeyore # cd lib/
eeyore # grep -i cache_swap *.[ch]
eeyore # cd ../src/
eeyore # grep -i cache_swap *.[ch]
cache_cf.c: fatal("cache_swap is lower than cache_mem");
cf_parser.c: default_line("cache_swap_low 90");
cf_parser.c: default_line("cache_swap_high 95");
cf_parser.c: /* No default for cache_swap_log */
cf_parser.c: } else if (!strcmp(token, "cache_swap_low")) {
cf_parser.c: } else if (!strcmp(token, "cache_swap_high")) {
cf_parser.c: } else if (!strcmp(token, "cache_swap_log")) {
cf_parser.c: dump_int(entry, "cache_swap_low", Config.Swap.lowWaterMark);
cf_parser.c: dump_int(entry, "cache_swap_high", Config.Swap.highWaterMark);
cf_parser.c: dump_string(entry, "cache_swap_log", Config.Log.swap);
eeyore #

I.E. there is no directive named cache_swap, nor from what I can see is
there ANY directive which limits the maximum on-disk size. Its assumed to
grow to the low/high water marks of the complete FS size..

I can't from simple greps see how

        globals.h:extern int store_swap_size; /* 0 *

ever gets set by cmdline or config file value either. Since the code

        store.c: Config.Swap.maxSize = store_swap_size;

it appears that until store_swap_size gets set (from a stat() on the device?)
its not defined..

I'm being thick. I know it. So how do you constrain Squid to use a defined
limit on available filesystem space?

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