Re: How to use parent for all but some top-level domains?

From: Bill Wichers <>
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 18:25:12 -0500 (EST)

If you aren't required to use a firewall, then you need only enter the
line `cache_host_domain your.isps.parent.cache !.fi` in the squid.conf. IF
you do have to use a firewall, then you'll need to put that line in the
config file for your http firewall (probably with some translation if your
firewall doesn't run squid :-). Squid has no control over how a firewall
fetches objects for it. No one has implented source routing in cache
protocols yet as far as I know ;-)


On Wed, 4 Feb 1998, Santeri Paavolainen wrote:

> Hello,
> We have a situation where we're running Squid, set up to use a single
> no-query parent as default (the ISP cache). That ISP cache *does not*
> allow requests for URL's in the ".fi" top-level domain.
> The question is how can I force Squid to fetch
> all ".fi" via DIRECT, and
> all others via DEFAULT_PARENT?
> I have tried putting ".fi" and "fi" to inside_firewall, local_domains,
> hierarchy_stoplist but no avail, I always get something like
> No peers to query and the host is beyond your firewall.
> If I enter some specific fi-domain ( to the inside_firewall
> Squid fetches direct for URL's in that domain. So it seems that Squid
> requires domains to have at least two-level structure..
> One solution I can think is to put a simple WWW-proxy (apache? http-gw?)
> on the cache machine, and direct Squid something like:
> cache_host localhost prent 8001 7 no-query
> cache_host_domain localhost fi
> (where the default parent is !fi). But it seems to be such a waste because
> I know Squid can do DIRECT connections ..
> Is there an easy way to configure Squid this way? Any help would be
> greatly appreciated.
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