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From: WWW server manager <>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 14:27:54 +0000 (GMT)

Michael Pelletier wrote (a few weeks ago):
> Now that I've finally decided, after almost seven months, to upgrade from
> 1.1.14 to 1.1.20, I've placed the latest 1.1.20 connection retry patch on
> <>. (Sorry for the delay, everyone!)
> You'lll also find Mike Mitchell's NOVM adapatation of the patch for
> 1.NOVM.17 -- I originally developed the patch on the VM version, and
> applying the VM patch to the NOVM version causes problems, which Mike's
> patch corrects.
> Many thanks to the various people who've tinkered with the 1.1.14 patch to
> get it applied to later versions of Squid! I appreciate your help!

I only saw this announcement yesterday, but since there don't seem to have
been any followups I'd like to second the thanks to all concerned, and in my
case especially Mike Mitchell for the NOVM-related fixes, as the problems
can't have been easy to track down. I've been running with the NOVM version
since yesterday, and (I know I shouldn't risk saying things like this :-)
it's working beautifully, where the original patches (admittedly intended
for non-NOVM Squid) consistently caused a rapid accumulation of stuck file
descriptors. Thank you!

This prompts a question: given that the retry patch provides
generally-useful extra functionality (rather than something of interest only
to a few sites), will it or equivalent functionality be included as standard
in future versions of Squid?

                                John Line

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