Re: a broken FTP site

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 00:01:36 +0100

Hume Smith wrote:
> > ---> RETR doc/pcnet/compression
> > 550 doc/pcnet/software: No such file or directory.
> of course RFC-1738 § 3.2.2 says this is unreliable anyway. but surely you already knew that.

The FTP support in the 1.2 series is changed. 1.2 follows RFC 1738 more
precisely and does a CWD for every path/ element, followed by a RETR on
the last. If this fails it does two additional attempts: First a CWD to
the last path element, then a RETR for the full path with a / prepended
to the path (support for "Netscape" FTP URL:s on batch transfers of

If none succeds, the error from the initial RETR (or CWD if the URL ends
in /) is returned, and the error messages show a short notice on the
missing / problem.

Henrik Nordström
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