Re: "Invalid URL syntax"

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 01:00:21 +0100

You are either trying to use Squid as a web-server, badly configured
transparent proxy, or most likely badly configured http accelerator for

Why I say this:
A proxy request looks like

Whereas your Squid seems to get requests looking like
GET /fr/ HTTP/1.0

This format is how the requests arrive to web servers, which is very
different from proxy requests.

Squid is NOT a web server. It is a HTTP proxy server with a option to
use it as a accelerator in front of a heavily used WWW server.

When using it as a proxy you have to configure the proxy settings in the
browser. See your broser documentation for details on how to do this.

When using it as a accelerator in front of one of your own servers, you
have to tell squid where the backend server is..
httpd_accel your.real.server realport
This tells Squid that if it sees a request in "web-server" format, then
apply the following translation
GET /fr/ HTTP/1.0
GET http://your.real.server:realport/fr/ HTTP/1.0

Henrik Nordström
Xavier Mertens wrote:
> Every URL is refused by Squid! Ex:
> return: / => Invalid URL syntax
> return: /fr/ => Invalid URL syntax
> Heeeeelp!
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