Re: Some sites don't like X-Forwarded-For: unknown

From: Marc Slemko <>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 18:37:56 -0700 (MST)

On Fri, 20 Feb 1998, Arjan de Vet wrote:

> I got a complaint that gave a "No Object Data"
> error message. After some digging into HTTP headers I found out that this
> site does not like the following header:
> X-Forwarded-For: unknown
> which you get when using 'forwarded_for off'. The server immediately closes
> the connection without any message.
> I solved it by replacing "unknown" in http.c with "". A more
> sophisticated way would be using random IP numbers :-).

No. I can't reproduce what you get; not saying it doesn't happen, just it
doesn't happen if you send:

        GET / HTTP/1.0
        X-Forwarded-For: unknown

what _does_ happen, which may be what you are seeing (but probably not),
is that it appears to truncate the document in the middle when I add the
X-Forwarded-For: unknown header.

As someone else commented, this is a 1.2b10 Apache but I am guessing it is
modified somehow or they are running into some sort of other issue with
the OS. Apache does not do anything like this in any way by default and
contains no special configuration directives to make it act in this way.

If someone wants to reject such connections on purpose, they are free to
do whatever dumb thing they want. I don't see that it is Squid's job to
try to work around their sillyness, since if it does they will just change
their sillyness.
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