Re: Some sites don't like X-Forwarded-For: unknown

From: Arjan de Vet <>
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 08:59:34 +0100 (CET)

Marc Slemko:

>No. I can't reproduce what you get; not saying it doesn't happen, just it
>doesn't happen if you send:
> GET / HTTP/1.0
> X-Forwarded-For: unknown
>what _does_ happen, which may be what you are seeing (but probably not),
>is that it appears to truncate the document in the middle when I add the
>X-Forwarded-For: unknown header.

I took the full header which Squid sends (including a lot of extra headers
from Netscape) and by leaving out only the 'X-Forwarded-For: unknown' line I
get the document. With the 'X-Forwarded-For: unknown' header the connection
is closed immediately. So it may be a combination of headers.

>As someone else commented, this is a 1.2b10 Apache but I am guessing it is
>modified somehow or they are running into some sort of other issue with
>the OS. Apache does not do anything like this in any way by default and
>contains no special configuration directives to make it act in this way.

I guess they have a modified Apache because when using an IP number instead
of unknown it doesn't close the connection immediately.

>If someone wants to reject such connections on purpose, they are free to
>do whatever dumb thing they want. I don't see that it is Squid's job to
>try to work around their sillyness, since if it does they will just change
>their sillyness.

I'll try to contact the webmaster.

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