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From: Daniel Kiracofe <>
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 15:49:55 +0000 ( )

>> I am proposing to my managment that we use
>> squid for dns and webcaching at each of our major
>> hub sites. I've have not been able to determine a
>> strong set of system requirements for running squid
>> on a bsdi machine. Typically an intel p166 w/32
>> mb of ram, 3.2MB cache, and a 2GB HD does real
>> well as a firewall for us. Any ideas on how I can
>> adequately predict my system requirements for
>> squid?

>That, with a 4GIG SCSI Hard drive (2 2gigs would be better if you can get
>them) and 128MB RAM should be able to hold about 64 heavy-duty dialup
>lusers at a time. (haven't tested it with more)

 One of my clients has a 4.6 Gig SCSI Hdd, 128 MB ram, P166, running linux
and can support up to 150 dialup lines.

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