From: Dax Kelson <>
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 15:34:25 -0700 (MST)

Many people expressed interest in the script I wrote, so instead of
mailing it out to everyone I've made it available via http.

# Ver. 1.0
# 1. Telnets to cisco $router
# 2. Gets output of "show ip bgp"
# 3. Formats/sorts networks
# 4. Rewrites squid.conf with new "local_ip" line
# 5. Sends Squid a HUP signal
# NOTES: Our router at the Utah-Rep ( carries routes
# to local/semi-local/cheap networks for which we don't want to query
# neighbors. Those networks change on a fairly regular basis, and it is
# pain to manually sync the squid.conf with those networks. This script
# automates that process. If your BGP table has remote/expensive networks
# you will want to modify this script to only get those networks for which
# you don't want to query neighbors. If you just wanted the networks for
# specific ASN(s) you could use this command instead (see line ~151):
# show ip bgp regexp ^(ASN|ASN|ASN)$
# TODO: Possibly switch to "no_cache_acl" when Squid 1.2 comes out
# Aggregate contigous net blocks

Send me an email if you find it usefull.

Dax Kelson
Internet Connect, Inc.
Received on Wed Feb 25 1998 - 16:16:20 MST

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