IE4 Squid and FTP

From: Steven Sporen <>
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 09:56:19 +0002


I've found a really strange problem, can't really see if it's squid
(I'm running 1.1.20+retry) or IE4.01

What happens is the following... if I try to FTP to
(This is not the only site the happens) using IE4
( ftpget brings up a list of the directories
no problem, I click on pub, once again no problem, but if I click on
communicator the system just stops - it doesn't get the page and IE4
waits. If I change IE4 to bypass squid then there's no problem, using
Netscape Navigator then there's no problem...

Any ideas?

  Steve |
Received on Wed Feb 25 1998 - 23:59:15 MST

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