Re: IE4 Squid and FTP

From: Jeffrey Borg <>
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 20:33:16 +1100

>I could reproduce your problem.
>I run native 1.1.20 without retry.
>The only difference for me (on
>was, that I could enter the communicator-Directory, and IE401
>stopped at the directory import-eudora.
>I stopped IE401 and then i stuck at "communicator".
>Another dirty trick of MS to push Mircosoft Porky-Server 2.0?
Last ISP I used used this sort of M$ crap! load's of problems with it!
Ended up turning it ALL off! and the speed increased! 3X!
Used a bigger squid cache upstream to the ISP and it worked very well. But
now that particular cache is WAY too small 5.7Gb for the upstream ISP!

Oh yes with FTP use a ftp client! I know all you caching people hate this
BUT with only 25% success with a www browser and 95% success with a proper
ftp client!

Now I just use very tiny www browser caches onto a 450MB squid (1.2 Beta 3)
and it works fine
just don't trust m$ stuff anyway it eat's too much memory! oh and hard drive

Jeffrey Borg

(Oh if you look at the headers and see Outlook Express as the E-Mail client,
it's about the only good piece of software I have seen.)
still using Netscape.
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