Re: squid.conf (udp_incoming/outgoing_address)

From: Michael Samuel <>
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 00:20:05 +1100 (EST)

On Fri, 27 Feb 1998, Bjoern A. Zeeb wrote:

> Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 13:33:17 +0100
> From: "Bjoern A. Zeeb" <>
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> Subject: squid.conf (udp_incoming/outgoing_address)
> Resent-Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 04:35:50 -0800 (PST)
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> Hi
> I do have problem in understanding the tcp_incoming/outgoing_address and
> the udp_incoming/outgoing_address fields.

I beleive that this is a bind address. Unless you have more than one
network interface (apart from loopback), you won't need these options

These options (if I understand corectly) are for if you have 2 networks
(or more), and you want to control where the data flows.

If you have only 1 'net connection and a private network (for example, a
PPP connection and a local network, the routing table should figure it

> My squid is running on my own network (say squid should be bound to
> and I do have one parent from which everything is fetched
> (say I´m connection to that via a dialup-account with a
> dynamic ip. Even if squid doesen´t use the icp if there is only one
> parent, I would want to know how I schould configure it, because in the
> near future there will be a second parent and in the squid.conf is
> written : " NOTE, udp_incoming_address and udp_outgoing_address can not
> have the same value since they both use port @CACHE_ICP_PORT@." So
> udp_incoming_address and udp_outgoing_address should be both .
> Thanks
> Bjoern Zeeb

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