Re: (No parent-hit from winproxy)

From: Marc van Selm <>
Date: Tue, 03 Mar 1998 08:38:50 +0100

At 01:09 PM 3/3/98 +0800, Rodel T. Viado wrote:
>Hello Folks
> I configured my squid to fetch from my upstream ISP's wingate
>or winproxy using Satellite download only. It seems that i'm not getting
>any "parent hit". I called my ISP and said that there are no request
>from my proxy registering in their log. Does this mean that their are
>incompatiblities in the way different proxies forward their request which
>may cause squid's request to be ignored, btw if i use their proxy directly
>in my browser there is no problem.

The proxy of your provider doesn't support ICP. You need ICP to signal a
PARENT_HIT or PARENT_MIS to the "children". And ofcourse this wingate or
winproxy doesn't support it.

You could ask them to go for squid (it's better & cheaper anyway)

>FYI, this is what i placed in my squid.conf
>cache_host my.isp.proxy parent 80 7 no-query
>cache_jost my.other.proxy sibling 3128 3130 proxy-only

If you do no-query you don't get ICP to....

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