Re: Problems with Squid 1.1.20

From: Pascal ROBINET <>
Date: Tue, 03 Mar 1998 09:06:41 +0000

Dancer wrote:

> I must admit that I've seen this before, and still have no idea about the cause.
> You specify xMB of cache_swap, but the dang thing sometimes just will not fill
> up beyond a fraction of that.
> I haven't been able to find any difference in behaviour between using one
> cache_dir and more than one.
> Just as an experiment, try reducing or increasing the value of cache_swap a
> smidgen and shutdown/restart (not reconfigure) squid. See if that makes a
> difference.
> D
> Jason McKay wrote:
> > We have been running Squid 1.1.20 on FreeBSD for a couple of weeks now ...
> > until now it has been running perfectly ... We have the cache being stored
> > on a 8gig drive, but when it reached 32% full squid started reducing the
> > size of the cache. The hard drive light is now always on and the space used
> > will not go above 2.2 gigs (the computer has 128megs of RAM). Here is my
> > squid.conf file:
> > Any ideas on whats its doing?


I'm a ISP based on the French Riviera. I'm using Squid for a while now and the same
problem has occurred on one proxy.

In my case, this was caused by a disk failure. When i started Squid, it indicated
the full disk capacity and after some times of operation, the size was reduced to
half this space. Restarting Squid corrected the problem but not for long.
I scratched my head for a while until one day I saw some lines in my logs
indicating conflicting inodes, impossibility to write on disk and so on. In the
Squid log, the squid daemon concluded :
Reducing size cache...
After that, my swap space was halved (just below the problematic inode).
An fsck found and corrected some problems on disk. Since now, my Squid seems to run

Here it is. Hope this helps.

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