Re: fetching cgi from parent

From: Wayne Salamonsen <>
Date: Fri, 06 Mar 1998 11:00:12 +0800

Thanks to all who have responded.


At 11:24 PM 3/5/98 +0100, Henrik Nordstrom wrote:
>Wayne Salamonsen wrote:
>> If I do not use the inside_firewall option, the desired
>> exists, except I cannot find a way to turn off the default behaviour of
>> going direct for cgi scripts and those containing ? (the hierarchy_stoplist
>> option).
>A empty hierarchy_stoplist.. Comment out hierarchy_stoplist in
>squid.conf. The wording in squid.conf is that the default squid.conf is
>to go direct on cgi-bin or ?, not that the default is built into Squid.
>However, Squid always tries to go direct on requests that is defined as
>uncacheable in HTTP. This is for example POST requests. Squid only uses
>a parent for such requests if enforced by inside_firewall (or
>never_direct in 1.2).
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