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From: Wayne Salamonsen <wayne@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 05 Mar 1998 16:32:46 +0800

Hi all,
        in the midst of configuring a cache (v1.1.20). This cache needs to fetch
the bulk of its traffic via a parent (including cgi scripts). There is a
list of subsites however that it can go direct for. However, even for these
sites we would prefer to use a parent and only fetch directly if the parent
is down for some reason.

        This introduces a few issues. I have the functionality working by setting
the inside_firewall option to none. This forces all requests to go via the
parent. For my subset of caches that can go direct, I can use the
inside_firewall option to allow them. This however has the unfortunate
aspect that those sites which it CAN go direct for, it will ALWAYS go
direct. I would prefer it to still use the parent cache if possible.

        If I do not use the inside_firewall option, the desired functionality
exists, except I cannot find a way to turn off the default behaviour of
going direct for cgi scripts and those containing ? (the hierarchy_stoplist
Is there a way to switch off this default behaviour? If there is, I would
prefer that solution to the inside_firewall option. If not, I will have to
make do with inside_firewall and put up with the small negative aspects.

Comments appreciated...


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