Re: squid-users-digest Digest V98 #99

From: Fraser Campbell <>
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 08:50:25 -0500 (EST)

> Just a proposal of small squid-related project. As such ideas pop up
> at this list from time to time, wouldn't it be better to join efforts
> and implement GNU-style database for web filtering. We all know good
> products to protect children from adult sites, etc. BUT:

I have been considering exactly this. In our area there is an ISP
with a service called Cleannet ( I don't know
exactly how they implement their service but I thought Squid would be up
to the job.

It sounds like a very simple thing to implement - the hard part would be
compiling the list of banned sites. I am not a programmer so at the most
all I could contribute would be a mailing list and testing the software.

From the Users Guide I see this:

acl adults dstdomain
http_access deny adults

The guide also states that Squid is not optimized to do this for a large
number of sites. What would be involved in keeping Squid up to speed
while doing this. What non-Squid solutions would be best if it is
impractical to do with Squid?



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