Squid on SCO - how to install?

From: Mike <MikeHawkins@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 1998 10:07:25 +1000

OK friends,

I've managed to un-tar the squid file and I've managed to install gcc as
well. Only took a day!

Now my problem is that the gcc compiler can't create files in the squid
directories because the whole directory structure and files are owned by
two groups that are numbers and exist nowhere in my user or group list.

I know how to change ownership on one file at a time eg chmod 755 chown
chgrp etc.

But how can I do it to the entire directory structure in one go? I don't
feel like doing every file manually.



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>Subject: RE: Squid on SCO - how to install?
>> OK, I managed to gzip the gcc gzip file.
>> I then un-tarred the gcc.tar file.
>> I used tar xvf <gccfile>
>> OK so far?
> Yes.
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