server switch + transparent proxy

From: Jaeho Yang <>
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 1998 11:29:18 +0900

Hi. Everybody.

I read your mail from squid-mail archives.
I got a result that one transparent proxy works well.

When I tried to find scalable&reliable solution of transparent proxy, I
found some
information on your mails.

But I can't understand something. Please, let me know following
question.. ^_^

1. Server Switching.

    I have used *cisco loal director* already. It used *virutal ip
address* for load
    balancing. If the packets from router(results from cisco's
route-map) are
    non-modified packet (only re-written in *ethernet frame fields*), it
must be
    transferred to transparent proxy. But I afraid that the packets
through Local
    Director are modified packets in IP address field(destination
    Is it right ?

    It is so confused to me. Has ACEdirector more fuctions than Local

2. Can I use "squid" and "CCE(Cisco Cache Engine)" togather ?
    I ordered CCE for testing purpose. (But I didn't receive yet)
    If first questions are cleared, I'll build up *transparent cache
groups* behind
    server switch (LD or ACEdirector). When I build *cache groups*, can
I use
    some "squid"s and some "CCE"s ?

    IMHO, I will make *transparent cache groups* private networks for
*ICP* use.
    How it helpful for scalabilty and performace ?

Too many question... hm..

Thanks in advance...

Jaeho Yang.
Received on Fri Mar 20 1998 - 18:31:00 MST

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