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From: Barry Raveendran Greene <>
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 22:36:20 +0800

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> 2. Can I use "squid" and "CCE(Cisco Cache Engine)" together ?

Yes, most of the beta sites used a combination of their existing
proxy/caches and the Cache Engines. The Cache Engines are getting good hit
rates even through the hierarchy is not optimal.

> I ordered CCE for testing purpose. (But I didn't receive yet)

Call you local Cisco Sales office. The demo units for the Sales Team should
have shipped by now.

> If first questions are cleared, I'll build up transparent cache
> groups behind
> server switch (LD or ACEdirector). When I build cache groups, can
> I use
> some "squids and some "CCE"s ?

Yes. The current version of the Cache Engine software allows you to place
them in several places in the network. Most of the existing customers are
placing them upstream from their proxy/caches. The next version of the Cache
Engine code has ICP, opening other integration options.

Bottom line - customers are dropping the Cache Engines into their existing
cache architecture and getting savings.

> IMHO, I will make transparent cache groups private networks for
> *ICP* use.
> How it helpful for scalability and performance ?

Perhaps the question should be how to scale ICP in a cluster of caches. This
is tricky and there is a lot of experience on the list that can help you.


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