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From: David J N Begley <>
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 12:24:25 +1100 (EST)

On Fri, 27 Mar 1998, Mike wrote:

> It is unfortunate when people start off asking simple questions and then
> continue doing it.

Welcome to the wonderful world of computing! :-) The reason this happens
is simple really - companies (ahem, Microsoft) advertise their products as
"easy to administer" to management, so management goes out and buys into
this "solution". Of course, the reality is that no computer (no matter
how neat the GUI) is "easy to administer" .. you still have to know what's
going on under the hood before you can effectively do your job (to be
honest, I argue the same case even with MS-DOS, but hey).

When it comes to things like Unix and Squid, this is especially true
because once the neat install has finished, you're on your own; you have
to understand (not everything, just "enough") networking, computer
performance tuning, &c.

Of course, to learn all this in the first place you have to ask questions
- after all, we all started on this path from a position of
zero-knowledge. The problem arises when someone forgets the fragility of
their learning position and starts sending "simple" queries to the same
person(s) over and over again.

It's akin to mountain-climbing - the first person goes up, secures the
hooks/rope, then others follow; if you're a reasonably experienced
mount-climber you won't present much of a burden to the lead/first person,
but if this is your first time then the first person could feel very
weighed-down (even though it's not your intention to do this).

And so it is with asking questions and learning. As long as everyone
tries to pull their weight (questions to the list instead of to
individuals unless really necessary), it's easier for everyone.

So what does this have to do with Squid? Okay, ObSquid question (to the
list, of course):

ICP responses contain the host name of the sender, right? Is it possible
to (or could it be possible to) configure the host name differently for
different target respondents? At the moment, you say in "squid.conf" that
a machine should call itself "proxy.some.dom" because in error messages
and whatnot this is exactly what you want to appear .. but if you have two
machines, both are meant to appear as the one server (ie.,
"proxy.some.dom") so you can't peer them (responses will appear to be
coming from itself).

What if the machine used its *real* name in ICP replies, so that to
end-users they always saw "proxy.some.dom" but the two machines could
continue peering without any trouble?


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