Re: Squid Upgrade

From: Lionel Bouton <>
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 04:55:00 +0200

Fraser Campbell wrote:

> On Sat, 11 Apr 1998, Lionel Bouton wrote:
> > According to my experience, you need something like 2MB of RAM for 100 MB
> > of squid's cache (NOVM version).
> >
> > So 5GB more need something like 100MB more RAM.
> According to the Squid FAQ you need 5 MB RAM for every 1 GB of disk cache.
> So for my 6 GB I should need to allocate only 30 MB of RAM if the FAQ is
> correct. Do you disagree with the FAQ???

Yes, I do. Currently I run 2 caches. One has 475 MB for now its process takes
8MB, the other is empty and the process takes 3MB. In this case, its 1MB of RAM
for 100MB of cache so twice the ratio in the Squid FAQ.In fact there is no
constant ratio because the actual RAM load is linked to the average object size
in your cache (so the number of files) and the average url length.

If you can, plan your memory upgrade in two steps:
upgrade to the less expensive estimation (Squid FAQ's one) but prepare money and
empty RAM slots for another upgrade (corresponding to my pessimistic estimation:
4x Squid FAQ's ratio) if you want to be sure to exploit 100% of your disk
The real RAM load will be determined by your user's favorite sites.


PS: Could some people send squid process' memory usage examples (given by ps,
not cachemgr), the total disk space used for cache, the number of objects in the
cache, squid's version and the platform (64 bit platform could have slightly
higher memory load)? Just to verify the FAQ's accuracy on this particular
subject. If standard squid's version (not NOVM) join your cache_mem parameter

My current state:
8120 KB RAM
498275 KB cache
11322 objects
PPro Linux 2.0.33
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