Re: Squid Upgrade

From: Jacob Suter <>
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1998 23:10:55 -0500

Fraser Campbell wrote:
> I am upgrading our squid cache from 750 MB to about 6 GB. Currently I
> am using 1.1.17 are there any compelling reasons to upgrade to 1.1.20?
> Should I consider the NOVM version? Anyone know some gotchas I might
> be overlooking? Running on Linux 2.0.33, 64 MB of system RAM, will
> probably upgrade to 96 MB of RAM.

I'd highly recomend NOVM (or 1.2B if you're rather adventuresome) for
that kind of setup. Linux's VM is a whole lot more intelligent than
Squid's (NOVM doesn't bloat NEARLY as much depending on

I got sick of running out of ram with 1.1.x and 20mb ram & 48mb swap :)

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