Experimental patch for new ACL type: any interest?

From: Scott Lystig Fritchie <fritchie@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 00:10:24 -0500

After discussion in the last week in the thread "Managing large
http_access lists: alternative methods", I decided to code a hack to
Squid 1.1.21 to:

        * restrict access to our caches (abuse, alas!).
        * allow clients from our customers' networks access as usual.
        * centralize the list of customers networks, namely a DNS zone
          (a single file), for approx. 4900 class B and class C equivalents

I've added a new Squid access list type, called "srcipmap". The
relevant portion of the "squid.conf" file looks like:

    acl mrnetcustnets srcipmap custnets.mr.net
    http_access allow mrnetcustnets

In order for the ACL type to match a client's IP address A.B.C.D, the
address D.C.B.A.some.domain, e.g. D.C.B.A.custnets.mr.net, must have a
DNS A record associated with it.

The DNS zone file was created through laziness, namely by querying our
core routers for networks with AS paths of "", "5006", and "1347" (for
our two AS numbers), then massaging the results with a Perl script.
The zone file looks like:

    @ IN SOA NS.MR.NET. hostmaster.MR.Net. ( 199804140 86400 7200 604800 86400 )
                            IN NS NS.MR.Net.
                            IN NS NS2.MR.Net.
    ; Class B networks
    $ORIGIN 162.128.custnets.mr.net.
    * in a
    $ORIGIN 17.129.custnets.mr.net.
    * in a
    ; Part of CIDR block MRNET-C-BLOCK10
    $ORIGIN 90.32.209.custnets.mr.net.
    * in a
    $ORIGIN 91.32.209.custnets.mr.net.
    * in a
    $ORIGIN 92.32.209.custnets.mr.net.
    * in a
    $ORIGIN 93.32.209.custnets.mr.net.
    * in a

I still have a bit more testing to do (memory leaks, trying in HTTP
accelerator mode), but I thought I'd let y'all know now that I gave it
a whirl and it seems to work. If there's interest, I can forward
diffs to the mailing list or make them available on a Web server


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