Re: Multi-Host vs. Single Host

From: Scott Donovan <>
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 12:00:39 +1000

>to combine Squid, with Apache Web Server and SendMail Server? Does it make
>sense to install all three packages in one machine? Should it be more than
>one computer?

 I found that as you more of these systems the better designed the I/O
systems have to be. Also as you add more "services" it is a good idea to
have ample RAM in the box.

As for functionality, one of the great things about unix is you can load it
to the hilt with applications and assuming you don't have disk or memory or
processor bottleneck one machine is fine.

At one stage (before we got $$$$) I had (runs around 150
concurrent users) 30 apache virtual servers, a stack of pop/sendmail
accounts a list server mrtg, msql, x500 directory service and squid all on
the one machine No problems.

(but I had lots of disk on lots of channel and threw a fairly large amount
of memory at it)

>I'm trying to move away from NT (for cost and performance reasons).

 Not a bad idea :-)
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