RE: Increasing listen() queue length on heavy loaded linux.

From: Jordan Mendelson <>
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 15:00:48 -0400

> At 04:06 AM 17/04/98 -0400, Eric Stern wrote:
> >filedescriptors). I'd get 2.0.34 (or 2.0.35 if its out yet).
> Woah! I thought I'd missed someting then - the latest (at of 30 seconds
> ago) stable kernel is still 2.0.33 from December last year.

Linux 2.0.33 has a memory corruption bug which is especially apparent when
you run Squid. Please upgrade to 2.0.34pre8 or higher:

You should find a number of patch* files which patch against 2.0.33. These
patches are not official. They are from Alan Cox (which is about as official
as you can get without going through Linus). A lot of this is just
backported code from 2.1.x's.


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