Re: Squid vs. Netscape Proxy

From: Marc van Selm <>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 08:33:56 +0200

At 04:34 PM 4/20/98 -0400, Jordyn A. Buchanan wrote:
>At 4:26 PM -0400 4/20/98, Michael Pelletier wrote:
>>I think that the first question to ask would be whether the requirement
>>for three servers and load-balancing is simply to compensate for the
>>inadequacies of the Windows NT operating system platform -- or whether a
>>single hefty server running a UNIX-derived operating system could handle
>>the entire workload of three Windows NT systems.
>A single hefty UNIX system won't provide the redundancy of multiple NT
>systems even if it provides similar performance. Of course, the logical
>thing to do is to get multiple UNIX servers as opposed to a bunch of NT
>servers, but I'm not really sure that NT was specified at a previous point
>in this thread.

No that's not the issue here (although is an up-time of > 1 year a promoter
for Unix?)

Colleague proxy-maintainers, running Netscape-unix, give me good stories.
What we shouldn't forget though that if you use free server software you
save money to invest in extremely reliable hardware (if reliability is the

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