Re: Host_and_Virtual_Patch failure

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 21:20:09 +0200

S. Faruque Ahmed wrote:
> I don't know if I'm being too greedy, but I would like this Squid
> cache to use 2 parent cahces (one Squid on a Sun and another

Should be straight forward, as long as both parents support ICP. Squid
obviously does, don't know for sure about Netscape 3.5 (haven't looked
into it).

> My questions are, is it possible yo use parent caches with your
> suggestions below, and in your opinion(s) might there be a more
> efficient way to accomplish this?

No problem in using parent/neighbour caches with a properly configured
transparent proxy (Host: header support).

Henrik Nordström
Sparetime Squid Hacker
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